Entering Our Circle of Care

When you become a SOAHAC client, you are welcomed into a culturally safe, wholistic circle of care. In this circle, you can access a variety of wellness services for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. You might see few or many members of our integrated care team.

Your first visit to SOAHAC will be an intake appointment where we will discuss your wellness and collect some information to help identify the most appropriate care for you and your family. Please note that you will be asked for proof of lineage in order to be eligible for services. This may be a status card, proof of Métis registration, or a letter from the community that you are affiliated with.

A SOAHAC intake appointment is not required to participate in most of our group activities or to access the Child & Youth Tele-Mental Health service.

No Wrong Door

Whether you want to access traditional healing, visit a mental health counsellor, or get health care, the intake process is the same for all SOAHAC clients.

When you contact us, we will ensure that your immediate needs are met first. Then, we will provide a copy of our intake form and schedule an intake appointment for you.

Your Intake Appointment

Please bring your health card, proof of Indigenous lineage (e.g., status card, Métis/Inuit registration, letter from your community) and a list of your medications to your intake appointment. If you have already started filling out the intake form, please also bring a copy with you.

You should expect the intake appointment to last up to one hour, depending on your needs. We use this time to get to know you a bit more and address any wellness concerns you may have. You will also learn about all of the SOAHAC services that are available to you and your family.

SOAHAC Services Guide 2019 (PDF)

Intake Forms for New Clients

SOAHAC has recently started using a new intake form. You will notice that it is comprehensive and you may not have been asked some of the questions before. At SOAHAC, we respect your privacy and work hard to meet our obligations related to your privacy rights. The information that is collected at intake helps us to give you the best care possible, and it also helps us to secure funding and with advocacy work related to Health Equity. At no time are you obligated to answer all of the questions, which is why there is an option for ‘prefer not to answer’. If you choose not to answer a question, you will still receive the same culturally safe, high quality care from SOAHAC.

If you would like to get started right away, you can begin filling out the intake form on your own. You do not need to complete the entire form prior to your visit – just as much as you are comfortable with. At your intake appointment, we will review it together and discuss any concerns you may have.

SOAHAC Intake Form (PDF)

SOAHAC Intake for additional children (PDF) – This form should only be used for family intakes (e.g., for a family with one parent/guardian and one child: parent/guardian fills out one intake form for themselves and one ‘Intake for additional Children’ form for the child)

Please note that you must print the form above or pick one up at a SOAHAC location. You can fax your form to your SOAHAC location, hand it in to reception, or bring it with you to your intake appointment. If you have any questions, please call us.


Referring service providers and community agencies, please use this form and fax to the preferred location for services:

SOAHAC Referral Form (PDF)