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The ICS Learning Series is an ongoing series of webinars focused on Indigenous cultural safety, geared toward health and social service providers, educators, students and/or other professionals working with Indigenous people, families or communities. Its purpose is to provide an online forum for discussion and debate on issues related to cultural safety, and to support professionals in implementing culturally safe policy and practice in their organizations. The ICS Learning series is hosted jointly by SOAHAC and the Provinicial Health Services Authority Indigenous Health (British Columbia).

The broader goals of the ICS Learning Series include: developing a community of practice on Indigenous cultural safety; fostering professional development; providing continuing education; and facilitating opportunities for networking and collaboration by bringing together key stakeholders provincially, nationally, and internationally.

The webinars are held once a month for 1.5 hours, during which participants will hear from 2 guest speakers with expertise in a topic relevant to ICS. Participants have the opportunity to join the discussion by submitting their questions and comments through the webinar platform.

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Registration can be accessed by clicking here, and only when the current registration is open. If registration is not currently open for the next webinar, please check back soon.

We encourage you to participate in the webinar with other individuals and groups in your region to inspire shared learning in the context of your program area and community. Due to the limited number of seats, if you are planning to attend as a member of a group, please register the group as an individual and use one group member’s access code to connect to the webinar.

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