Maternal Child Health Nutrition & FASD Services


London, Chippewa

Maternal Child Health Nutrition

The goal of these services is to increase participants’ access to nutrition and culturally specific resources as they gain knowledge about nutrition related issues during pregnancy and childhood. This is done in group settings that promote wholistic health and wellness, skill development and increased awareness. Groups are held in various communities and are open to all gender identities, adults, infants, children, youth, parents, caregivers and support people, and focus on:

  • Information about nutrition during pregnancy and childhood
  • Skills and knowledge for feeding families
  • Fun, interactive activities like nutrition games or hands-on food preparation

Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and get involved in the chosen activity. Overall wellness and health promotion are foundational to these services. Groups can be booked upon request, and can range from small to larger community or public events. For more information, please contact Nikki by email or phone at 519.289.0352 or 519-317-1037 (cell).

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Services

The Fetal Alcohol Educator provides educations, screening, and referrals for diagnosis regarding FASD. These services are for Aboriginal people at any age from infant to adult. We also provide further support to individuals and caregivers who are affected by FASD by assisting them to navigate the diagnostic process, and through advocacy, referrals, resources and strategies.

FASD Nutrition Brochure (PDF) – this resource contains information about nutrition for children with FASD.

One to One Support

The Fetal Alcohol Educator will support you to gain knowledge of and practice strategies for dealing with FASD. This can include using your culturally based knowledge, such as the use of medicines, ceremonies, teachings and cultural activities. We will develop a plan of care that is wholistic and client-driven.

Group Support

We also run an FASD London Community Support Group, which is open to everyone. Here, participants can access FASD information, cultural specific knowledge and a sharing circle.

Community Support

FASD Community Capacity Training is available to community frontline workers, which provides an Indigenous perspective to FASD and offers culturally specific resources. The Fetal Alcohol Educator can also support existing FASD education in surrounding communities related to prevention, awareness, and strategies.

For FASD support (including self-referrals or one to one appointments), please contact the Fetal Alcohol Educator directly by email or phone:519-914-1858  x2018, cell: 226-377-9500