Clinical Services

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London, Chippewa, Owen Sound, Windsor

SOAHAC’s Clinical Services Team cares for clients throughout the entire lifespan from infancy to elderly. Clients need to fill out an application and have an intake appointment prior to coming on as a patient. Services are provided by a team that includes nurses, nurse practitioners and doctors, or one of these, depending on which site you visit.

The initial intake appointment is generally a health history review. From there, clients are usually booked back in for a physical examination, blood work, and routine screening depending on age; women are booked for PAP tests; and infants and children are booked for well baby and well child examinations and immunization updates. Regular annual physicals are booked yearly for children and adults.

The Clinical Team works collaboratively and respectfully with the Traditional components of health and wellbeing. We offer our clients both Western and Traditional medicines and practices in order to promote high quality and holistic health services. Clinical clients can access SOAHAC’s other services, including Diabetes Education, Mental Health, and Traditional Healing.

You can walk in to fill out an application, and an intake appointment is booked at that time or soon thereafter. We ask clients who are unable to make their scheduled appointment to please phone ahead to let our administrative staff know. You will be rescheduled when you call.