Nshwaasnangong Child Care & Family Centre

Welcome to Nshwaasnangong Child Care & Family Centre!

Nshwaasnangong welcomes Indigenous children, family members, educators and community into this “place of the eighth star”.

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What is Nshwaasnangong?

Nshwaasnangong is a new Child Care and Family Centre, operated by SOAHAC, that will help revitalize Indigenous languages and cultures in the early years and beyond.

The Child Care Centre at Nshwaasnangong will offer licensed child care for up to 88 children ages 0-6. The adjoining Family Centre will provide an culturally relevant EarlyON program and connect young children, families, and youth to many opportunities- including ceremonies, land-based learning, playgroups and community supports.

Nshwaasnangong is currently being constructed at 449 Hill Street in London, ON. We anticipate opening the centre in the Summer of 2021.

Are you looking for licensed Child Care?

Please tell us about your family’s child care needs by filling out this form.

We promise to reach out when we can provide more specific information on opening dates, and when and how you will be able to formally register your child in Nshwaasnangong’s child care centre.

Stay connected

We would love to keep you informed, and hear your ideas, about this project. There are a few ways we can stay connected:

Does your family or community group want to learn more or have a conversation about this project? Our Community Animators are always looking for ways to engage and listen with community. Let us know if we can arrange a meeting, in-person or over Zoom! Send an email to [email protected], and our community animators will be happy to sit down with you and learn about your hopes and vision for Nshwaasnangong.

Work with Nshwaasnangong

Do you want to help grow a dynamic community place and be inspired by the gifts of children and families? Nshwaasnangong is building a team of kind, forward thinking community leaders and educators. Click here for current opportunities!

We need your insights!

Please help us shape the programs and activities at Nshwaasnangong Child Care and Family Centre by telling us about your family and your needs so we can build a welcoming and inspiring space, together.

All responses will remain anonymous and confidential. Fill out the survey here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Nshwaasnangong come to be?

This project has been guided and supported by the Journey Together Indigenous Planning Committee, which includes representatives from local Indigenous-led organizations, Indigenous parents and caregivers, and other planning partners. The funding opportunity for this project came from the Province of Ontario, and is supported by the City of London.

How do you pronounce Nshwaasnangong, and what does it mean?

Nshwaasnangong is a spirit name given to the centre in ceremony. It means “place of the eighth star” in Anishinaabemowin.  If written phonetically in English, the name would roughly look like: Ne-shwaas-nung-goong.

Where is Nshwaasnangong located?

Nshwaasnangong is being constructed at 449 Hill Street, in the SoHo neighbourhood of London, on the site of the former St. John French Immersion School. This property was purchased by the City of London and transferred to SOAHAC for the construction of Nshwaasnangong Child Care and Family Centre.  

What will make Nshwaasnangong’s child care and EarlyON programs unique?

This is the first Indigenous-led Child Care and Family Centre in London and is part of London’s system of Family Centres. Nshwaasnangong’s activities will be rooted in culture and language, including opportunities to learn about Indigenous ways of knowing, identity, and family teachings. The programs offered here will grow from the needs, gifts and visions of the local Indigenous community.

The foundation and basement, February 202

Media Stories & Releases

Financial support for Nshwaasnangong Child Care and Family Centre comes from the Province of Ontario, the government of Canada and the City of London.

Indigenous Family Centre Planned for London (London Free Press, November 2018)

City of London and Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre (SOAHAC)
partner on New Indigenous-led Licensed Child Care and EarlyON Child and Family Centre 

Community Links

We are taking a collaborative approach to planning for Indigenous families, and can see the Centre as an extension of the services offered by partnering agencies. This includes addressing the specific supports and services needed for healthy Indigenous families and Indigenous child development.

Aboriginal Babies and Beyond Coalition – Supports families through enriched resources, including book bundles, car seat clinics, and early years health fairs.

Atlohsa Family Healing – Provides services and support for healing related to family violence, understanding that family violence is not traditional in First Nations cultures, but a result of colonialism and intergenerational trauma.

Fanshawe College Institute of Indigenous Learning – Provides academic services, social, cultural, and recreational activities as well as a comfortable atmosphere for First Nations students.

London Children’s Connection – Connects children and families with services such as child care, family programming, early years supports

N’Amerind Friendship Centre – Provides culturally relevant programs aimed at social, recreational and educational needs; at developing leadership, at increasing awareness levels of native heritage, establishing resources for community development and in promoting the development of urban aboriginal self-governing institutions.

Nokee Kwe – culturally sensitive, client-centred approaches and support services related to securing employment, education, and training.