Sugar Free February Challenge

Building on the success of a Sugar Free November Challenge in 2018, the SOAHAC dietitians are facilitating a Sugar Free February Challenge for the SOAHAC community, including clients and staff. The challenge is to eliminate all foods with added sugars for 28 days. It is a fun way to raise awareness about what foods contain hidden sugars and combat sugar addiction.

Listen to this CBC Radio interview with SOAHAC dietitian Jocelyn Zurbrigg for useful information about the hidden sugar in many common food products:

Past participants shared that the SOAHAC Sugar Free February Challenge 2019 Facebook group helped them feel supported and not alone. They reported that the best parts of the challenge were learning new recipes, losing weight, getting more energy back, and feeling more empowered.

Again, the Challenge is to eliminate all foods that have added sugar of any kind.  Guidelines, Tip Sheets and FAQs are online at 

Don’t have Facebook but want to participate? Contact  one of the SOAHAC registered dietitians for e-copies of the information and challenge content:

Jocelyn Zurbrigg at London site:
[email protected]

Mandy Morrison at Chippewa site:
[email protected]

Renée Young at Owen Sound site:
[email protected]

FLYER Sugar Free February Challenge 2019 (PDF)

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